The Agriculture Project Concept



Agriculture Project

Freedom Agricultural Project is the initiative of United Family Mission to liberate the underdeveloped community from the grip of poverty and hunger. Alarmingly, with the ongoing pandemic, we are in a global hunger crises and food insecurity is on the rise, specifically in sub-Saharan Africa where the impact of COVID-19 throws yet another struggle and pain into the life of the vulnerable people with an existing complicated situation. The population of people living in extreme poverty is on the rise. But recent research has proven that most extremely poor people are active, therefore, it is not the lack of work or laziness that makes them poor but the level of inequality, insecurity of work and inadequate support system that underpins their economic position which has led to low responsiveness of poverty eradication interventions and limit the impact of poverty reduction programs.

The Agriculture Project

About the Program

Freedom Agricultural Project is a program established for sustainable family and community development. We are making an impact on the future of farming at grass root level with a strength-based approach. Communities are the expert in what they need to drive. Rather than helping a community with donation of food items or relieve materials, UFM provides them with the tools to become self- sufficient, enabling them to live a healthy and productive life. This will inspire them to take action to change their community. With individual, cooperate and community stewardship in agriculture, we can help break the cycle of poverty and hunger in a community.

Benefits to the community

It is a globally known truth that agriculture and other infrastructures associated can advance a community and eliminate poverty and hunger. The program model will help the rural communities grown their own staple foods. The training model of the program create opportunity for community member to learn about food processing and packaging creating empowerment. With the power of connected movement with community members, we can establish hunger and food
security in the community.


United Family Mission is utilizing the strength-based perspective as an intervention to help the rural community identify their internal and external capacity and capability. We are modifying our initial donation model to a support and development model by supporting community members with specific identified resources needed to enable them to lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. In addition, we are creating a training, entrepreneur, financial education and microfinance model than will enable them to learn the processing and packaging of the farm produce after harvest for long term storage, thereby helping to maximize impact and establish sustainability. We believed that if we are able to pass this legacy to the next generation, showing them how individual service to humanity can change their world. It with create and established a foundation for the future generations to come.

How you can support

We hope you see the extra ordinary liberation embedded in this freedom initiative as see yourself as an agent of change. The wait time is over, we need to work together to restore HOPE and create positive change for a better world. We are stronger when everybody is supporting what we do.

Please consider making a taxable donation to UFM Agricultural project